"used container sale in saudi arabia jeddah, dammam, jubail , riyadh, 20ft, 40ft, high cubes, open top, reefers, new , 2nd hand for storage at cheap prices.

Shipping containers for sale in KSA

Do you need new used 40ft, 20ft Shipping containers sale Saudi Arabia. Insulated, Ventilated, open top, refrigerated, ISO tank, and standard container with best prices? We have all required shipping containers types and sizes for shipping use or to make container home. Shipping container sale Saudi Arabia, are available at competitive prices by Buzyb Shipping is a Saudi Arabia based container trading company.

 That provide quality shipping container trading services ever since its incorporation. Any sizes of 20ft, 10ft, 40ft, Hc or high cube containers are available. We do have Standard dry shipping container, We have been striving to be the best supplier of Used and new Shipping containers of all sizes, and types in Saudi Arabia especially Jeddah, Dammam, and Riyadh.

Used shipping container for sale in Jeddah


Used shipping container sale Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Busy shipping has been created to assist you in selecting the ins and outs of shipping containers used or new. We have containers best for storage purpose.  Whether you’re for a house, hotel, garage, shelter, or shed in Jeddah, also in Dammam, Riyadh, Yanbu, Rabigh, Madinah, and in Makkah.

Also, the subsequent info will assist you to economize and heaps of your time by getting used or new shipping empty containers. recent used shipping instrumentation available in with different sizes and types of shipping containers like 20ft, 40ft, high cube, reefer containers, open-top and ISO tanks in Saudi Arabia are available.

20ft Shipping Container Sale

20ft container sale in Dammam at very reasonable prices with good condition

As we know that 20ft shipping containers are the most demanding size of a new and used shipping container in Saudi Arabia. These are the most convenient shipping containers for export and storage purpose while there’s not enough space for bigger 40ft shipping containers for both for the use of storage container and for shipping. Additionally, the 20′ shipping containers include use as self-storage, on construction sites (industrial tools and machinery), gardening storage (replacement for shaded parking). Secure storage inside or outside commercial premises (machinery, documents). Sports clubs and educational institutions (equipment), allotments, farms and so on in Shipping containers sale in Saudi Arabia. We, however, offer a wide range of 20ft shipping containers in Saudi Arabia from our network of container terminal including standard new (one trip), used container and refurbished containers, side opening and tunnel containers 20ft used as storage container.

40ft Shipping Container Sale in Saudi Arabia

It should be noted that, in Saudi Arabia, 40ft shipping containers offer a wide range of value for money compared to other sizes, provided you’ve got enough space available to offload and stack 40ft container. If your space at the factory or beside a warehouse then our 40ft shipping containers are the best option for Shipping containers sale in Saudi Arabia used second hand refrigerated. 20ft, 40ft hc steel containers storage. new containers sale reefer. These 40′ shipping containers are ideal for the storage of huge amounts of goods e.g. commercial stock or industrial machinery, especially high cube containers (due to having accessing everything inside). they’re also in demand and high choice for 40ft and high cube shipping container conversions e.g. houses, offices and commercial unit at Shipping containers sale in Saudi Arabia, also used as storage container. We have all kinds of 40ft containers available in Saudi Arabia in our container terminal. Additionally, used and refurbished containers, high cube and side opening containers all in 40ft.