heavy transport saudi arabia with lowbed trailersHEAVY TRANSPORTATION


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Want to know more about heavy transport companies in Saudi Arabia?

We have vast experience for lifting heavy machinery and equipment. We ensure a safe and on time delivery in all our heavy haulage operations with Saudi Arabia, and we are one of the best heavy transportation companies in Saudi Arabia.

From arrangements of vast range of heavy transportation equipment to serve all requirements of 20′ and 40′ container trailers, lowbed trailer, and high bed platform trailers, goose neck trailer, hydraulic cranes, and multi-axle trailer.


Providing heavy lifting transportation services to carry on the business for factories and industries, importers, exporters, assemblers, contractors, forwarding agents as well.

Being one of the best heavy lifting companies in Saudi Arabia,  And all kinds which are capable of being used with shipping container stuffing and un-stuffing, equipment, machine or any cargo packing and un-packing, machine dismantling and installations in which heavy transport is required.

There are many heavy transport companies in Saudi Arabia, but having experienced in the handling of different projects and heavy cargo, we offer customized solutions with multi-model transportation according to the size and requirement of the cargo.

Therefore, Heavy Transportation of oversized cargo is now easily be controlled and these results make the project worthful and with smooth services.