USED CONTAINER SALE | Used Container For Sale In Jeddah بيع الحاويات في جدة السعودية

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Shipping containers especially used containers sale Jeddah and in all major cities including Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail and Rabigh. Container dimension available such as 10ft containers, 20ft, 40ft, high cube. All types, such as standard dry containers.

Reefer or refrigerated containers or cold room containers, and ISO tank containers and open top, are all available.

These containers are used for storage or shipping purpose. Supplier used containers sale Jeddah. Insulated, storage shipping container sale Dammam, Riyadh. Reefer container 10ft, 20ft 40ft, hc.

  • Used containers for sale in Jeddah.

used containerWe have a large selection of storage shipping containers used and new for sale and hire.
Used containers Jeddah
, Dammam, Riyadh.  Containers for your shipping container needs in Jeddah and surrounding locations such as where we supply shipping containers to Rabigh, Yanbu, Makkah Madinah, and Thowal.

In addition to that, we offer a selection of containers for sale and hire in Western region. Standard containers, such as 20ft, 40ft and high cubes are in demand.

Reefer or refrigerated container for sale.

While new or used reefer or refrigerated containers are in high demand in Jeddah. Moreover, we are having sufficient amount of ISO tank containers, and open top with flat containers available.

Where to find shipping container sales in Saudi Arabia?

We do offer used containers for sale in Dammam. We believe our reputation for supplying good quality shipping containers at competitive prices.

Our reliable service and our integrity make Buzyb Shipping the right choice for you to buy a shipping container or hire one for storage in Eastern region. such as Dammam to provide Reefer or refrigerated containers with the dimension of 20ft, 40ft, and High cubes.

The nearby areas are covered such as Ar Ar, Rastanura, Jubail supplying of good quality used or new shipping containers.

Used containers for sale in Riyadh, Dammam.

Almost all major types of shipping Containers available for sale in Riyadh, Dammam for storage and export shipping and as empty containers.

Especially standard dry and reefer containers.

In Riyadh, hire and sale of shipping containers to both the public and the commercial sectors.

We are proud to provide a range of high-quality shipping containers, with friendly service and fast delivery Saudi Arabia.

So, whether you’re looking to buy or or hire or shipping or storage, or else need one modified or converted container to something else.

we have the industry expertise to complete your order in record time from Riyadh container terminal to Jeddah and Dammam.

Furthermore, Open top, flat container, insulated container available in all sizes of 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, and high cube containers supply.

  • Empty Shipping container delivery

The container size, its weight and bulk of a shipping container seems impossible to move.

But remember that shipping containers are designed to be portable lifting.

Therefor delivery of a shipping container is actually very easy in Saudi Arabia from Jeddah, Dammam, or Riyadh.

And when you have moved as many containers as we have sent out, you will know that as big as they are, the move always goes without a problem to supply.

  • Used new Shipping container supplier

BuzyB shipping containers supplies various transportation container products. We can also customize and personalize our customer containers according to customer needs. We understand that all our customers have different needs to supply.

Reefer Container Sale

Whether they need an office or a refrigerated container to transport frozen product.  We have provided ideal solutions for all customers as container supplier Saudi Arabia with major container sizes, dimensions and container type including modified or insulated one.

Due to our profound understanding of container trading, we are familiar with the possible demands of the customer.

Buzyb Shipping specializes in sea container trade and always manages to fulfill the demand for requested types.

Client place order for containers to use them as a temporary storage depot and seaworthy containers are used for transporting cargoes on the ship.

Even, If you are seeking container in Saudi Arabia feel free to contact Buzb Shipping container supplier in Jubail, Rabigh, Dammam, Jizan.

Sea containers are now widely used around the globe for a variety of purposes.

The usage of the container is not confined to shipping industries. Buzyb has emerged as a key player in this business after satisfying the requirement of brand new and used containers.

Your search for the dry, flat rack, offshore, open-top, cargo worthy, a refrigerated container for sale comes to end after approaching Buzyb Shipping.

  • Price of a used or new container in Saudi Arabia

What is the price of a shipping container in Saudi Arabia? Ocean freight shipping will range from $1270 for a 20-foot container to $17,00 for the larger containers 40ft or 40hc. Saudi Arabia has two coastal lines, Saudi Arabia has 18 ports.

Since the ports and harbors located in Saudi Arabia at the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf.

But the price of a shipping container is almost the same. Used containers Jeddah,20ft, 40 ft, storage container, Rabigh, Jubail, Riyadh, container price Saudi, used container sale Dammam container supplier reefer.

Special containers or insulated containers are needed to not only store these goods but also can be used in process operations.

For example, an on-site office may be needed temporarily during the construction of the building in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail, Rabigh, Yanbu or Jizan.

In the construction phase of the project, special containers of suitable size can be used to replace expensive special containers built on-site to provide services for on-site offices.

Of course, there are many other types of specialized containers, including those that are constructed block by block.

These are used as warehouses or storage facilities as a shipping container supplier in Dammam, Supplier used containers sale Jeddah. Insulated, storage shipping container sale Dammam, Riyadh.

Reefer container 10ft, 20ft 40ft, and hc containers.

  • Used Container For Sale Specs

Dimension of standard shipping container

SpecLength*Width*Heigh*Door WidthDoor HeightCapacityTare WeightMaxi Cargo
Standard 20′19′ 4″7′ 8″7′ 10″7′ 8″7′ 6″1,172 Cft4,916 Lbs47,900 Lbs
5.900 m2.350 m2.393 m2.342 m2.280 m33.2 m32,230 Kgs21,770 Kgs
Standard 40′39′ 5″7′ 8″7′ 10″7′ 8″7′ 6″2,390 Cft8,160 Lbs59,040 Lbs
12.036 m2.350 m2.392 m2.340 m2.280 m67.7 m33,700 Kgs

Dimenssion of open top containers

SpecLength*Width*Heigh*Door WidthDoor HeightCapacityTare WeightMaxi Cargo
Open Top 20′19′ 4″7′ 7″7′ 8″7′ 6″7′ 2″1,136 Cft5,280 Lbs47,620 Lbs
5.894 m2.311 m2.354 m2.286 m2.184 m32.23 Cu.m2,400 Kgs21,600 Kgs
Open Top 40′39′ 5″7′ 8″7′ 8″7′ 8″7′ 5″2,350 Cft8,490 Lbs58,710 Lbs
12.028 m2.350 m2.345 m2.341 m2.274 m66.5 Cu.m3,850 Kgs

Inside dimensions of a refrigerated shipping container

SpecLength*Width*Heigh*Door WidthDoor HeightCapacityTare WeightMaxi Cargo
Reefer 20′17′ 8″7′ 5″7′ 5″7′ 5″7′ 3 “1,000 Cft7,040 Lbs45,760 Lbs
5.425 m2.275 m2.260 m2.258 m2.216 m28.3 Cu.m3,200 Kgs20,800 Kgs
Reefer 40′37′ 8″7′ 5 “7′ 2 “7′ 5 “7′ 0 “2,040 Cft10,780 Lbs56,276 Lbs
11.493 m2.270 m2.197 m2.282 m2.155 m57.8 Cu.m4,900 Kgs25,580 Kgs
Reefer 40′ High Cube37′ 11″7′ 6″8′ 2″7′ 6″8′ 0″2,344 Cft9,900 Lbs57,561 Lbs
11,557 m2.294 m2.500 m2.294 m2.440 m66.6 Cu.m4,500 Kgs25,980 Kgs


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