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There have been many exporters, travelers and immigrants from Saudi Arabia to USA every year. Everyone wishes to ship his his or her stuff safely and smoothly.  We offer services of shipping from Saudi Arabia to US including Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah, Khobar to New York, Los Angeles, Houston, California, Carolina, JFK, and Baltimore. We will also elaborate shipping cost from Saudi Arabia to USA. The services are offered by sea cargo and air cargo as well. While sea cargo can be divided into two elements i.e., Full shipping container and a sharing container.

Shipping from Saudi Arabia to USA includes:

  • Air cargo services to USA.
  • Shipping to USA by a shipping container or a sharing or LCL cargo.
  • Cargo pick up from a premises.
  • Booking of air cargo or by a sea cargo to any of US major destination.
  • Shipping process of movers and packers for loading and unloading cargo
  • Expenses Custom And the Tax Exemption.
  • Import Cart To USA.
  • Customs clearance process of exporting goods to USA.

✓ What is the process to move my used household goods and Personal Effects into the United States?

It includes:

  1. It includes contacting a freight forwarder
  2. For Personal household USA customs-Used personal effect custom.
  3. The cargo will be deported to one of the main airport .
  4. After the departure you will contact an agent to get you goods to your destination.

Shipping from Saudi Arabia to the United States is an important process that requires careful planning and execution. Many businesses and individuals rely on cargo shipping from Saudi Arabia to the USA to move goods, products and personal belongings. Buzyb Shipping is a company that offers reliable and efficient shipping services from major cities in Saudi Arabia including Riyadh, Dammam, Al Khobar, Makkah, Madinah, Jubail, Rabigh and Yanbu to various destinations in the United States such as Washington, Houston, South Carolina, North Carolina, California, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Major US Destinations

New York City Los Angeles Chicago Houston Dallas Miami Atlanta Philadelphia Washington Phoenix Boston Detroit Seattle San Francisco
San Diego Minneapolis Tampa Denver Las Vegas Riverside San Antonio Baltimore Charlotte St. Louis Austin Portland Sacramento Orlando

The shipping cost from Saudi Arabia to USA varies according to mode of shipment. As mentioned above, there are three plus one mode of shipping:’

  • Air cargo services.
  • Full shipping container 20ft or 40ft.
  • LCL or sharing container.
  • RoRo shipping services (for car exporting)

Air cargo  services to USA

Air cargo to USA is faster than any mode of shipping. Especially for those who have 45kg to few hundred cargo. The average cost is from 14 SR.

Full container 20ft or 40ft to USA

If you have 25 cubic meter to 60 cubic meter of cargo to USA, than you need a 20ft container or a 40ft shipping container.

The shipping containers take longer time than air cargo. It reaches to US east coast at around 30 days. While to west coast of USA takes around 45 days.

The average cost is from 3000USD.

LCL or sharing container

This mode of shipment is best for those have one palettes to 12 palettes.

Since there are two or three transshipment ports in between It takes longer time than full container shipping. The average cost of shipping from Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Khobar, Madinah, to west coast USA or east coast starts from few hundred SR.

RoRo shipping services (for car exporting)

This service mainly used for heavy cargo from Saudi Arabia or exporting vehicles especially to US east coast.

It takes longer time from shipping container mode of shipment which is around 60 days.

The cost is calculated by cubic meters. Which starts from USD 100/- per cubic meter.

Here it should be noted that shipping cost usually changes according to International circumstances.

Shipping cost from Saudi Arabia to USA

Shipping cargo from Saudi Arabia  often takes about 5-8 weeks, but depending on the items/variables it can take as long as 2-3 months to ship the items

  • How much is the customs duty in the USA and tax exemption.

✓ Different kinds of items, like artwork, kitchen utensils furniture, dishes, linens, libraries, books and other similar household furnishings

✓ Should have either been for own your personal use or used in a period of time where you have been staying for one year.

✓ Therefore how much is the customs duty in the USA and tax exemption

Shipping a Car from Saudi Arabia to USA

Exporting a car to USA

Want to export or ship a to USA!

There are a list of regulations that you must meet in order to import a motor vehicle into the United States from overseas personal household USA customs.

Import car to USA.

    • We will collect goods anywhere in the KSA to the UK and provide packaging materials needed to protect the goods for safe and reliable transportation.
    • If any loss or damage occurs during transportation, We can also arrange related cargo insurance
    • Cargo by sea or by air to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and European ports.

Therefor, the shipping from Saudi Arabia to USA is very easy with various mode of shipments with variable shipping cost from Saudi Arabia to USA. You can ship your stuff from Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Rabigh, Yanbu, Al Khobar, Madinah, Makkah to USA with confidance.

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