Used container for sale in Jeddah بيع الحاويات في جدة السعودية

Used container for sale in Jeddah at very reasonable price

بيع الحاويات في جدة السعودية |  

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Used container for sale Jeddah

Used container for sale Jeddah Saudi Arabia, and in all major cities including Jeddah , Riyadh, Dammam, has been our one of the major tasks. On demand from our beloved customers, storage container providing storage containers for hire and Sales . We have built an extensive network of agents and depots, and can provide storage container hire countrywide. We have a large selection of storage containers for sale and hire. Used containers jeddah , Dammam, Riyadh, container price Saudi, اسعار الحاويات المستعملة. Buy container Jeddah from us. Also we do provide shipping container seals in Jeddah Dammam and RIyadh. Bolt seal, cable seal, and plastic seals. Used containers Jeddah ,20ft, 40 ft, storage container, Rabigh, Jubail, Riyadh, container price Saudi, used container sale Dammam container supplier reefer

Why choose Buzyb Shipping for Containers? Simple, we do not make shipping container sales and hire a complicated businesses. We believe our reputation for supplying good quality goods at competitive prices, our reliable service and our integrity make Buzyb Shipping the right choice for you if you're looking to buy a shipping container or hire one for storage.container supplier in saudi arabia

Every one of us know the exact functionality of large shipping containers known as shipping containers. Large reusable steel boxes are suitable platforms for transporting bulky item to large distant locations. In addition to this, within a quick spells, shipping containers has attained popularity for being an ideal building materials. Thus, the demand for container trading has certainly enhanced. Buzyb Shipping resources has never looked back after its establishment in 2009 aims to maintain balance between container trading business and shipping logistics shipping container supplier in Jubail, Rabigh, Dammam, Jizan.

For used container for sale in Dammam and Used container for sale in Riyadh ,We are the best container suppliers in Saudi Arabia


Buzyb shipping containers provides various transportation container products. We can also customize and personalize our customer containers according to customer needs. We understand that all our customers have different needs, whether they need an office or a refrigerated container to transport frozen products... We have provided ideal solutions for all customers as container supplier Saudi Arabia shipping container supplier in Jubail, Rabigh, Dammam, Jizan.

Due to our profound understanding about container trading, we are familiar with the possible demands of the customer. Container Saudi Arabia, Buzyb Shipping specializes in sea container trade and always manages to fulfill the demand for requested types. Client place order for containers to use them as temporary storage depot and sea worthy containers are used for transporting cargoes on ship. If you are seeking container in Saudi Arabia feel free to contact Buzb Shipping container supplier in Jubail, Rabigh, Dammam, Jizan.


Containers are now widely used around the globe for variety of purposes. The usage of container is not confined to shipping industries. Buzyb has emerged as a key player in this business after satisfying the requirement of brand new and used containers. Your search for dry, flat rack, off shore, open top, cargo worthy, refrigerated container for sale comes to end after approaching Buzyb Shipping.

It is our commitment to provide customer service of the highest quality that today the name of Buzyb Shipping is taken with great respect. We also embrace flexible approach in order to fulfill individual clients requirement. In case you are questing for Container for sale Jeddah Saudi Arabia in Dammam or Riyadh or Yanbu Rbigh Jizan, at reasonable price range,with  is the finest alternative. The trend of using fabricated container as office cabin, labor quarters, sheds and storage depot has intensified the overall demand for this product.

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Buy container Jeddah from us, because we sale good quality used container for sale in Jeddah.

Price of container in Saudi Arabia

What is a price of shipping  container in Saudi Arabia? Ocean freight shipping will range from $270 for a 20-foot container to $17,00 for the larger containers 40ft or 40hc. Saudi Arabia has two coastal lines, Saudi Arabia has 18 ports. The ports and harbors located in Saudi Arabia at Red sea and Arabian Gulf. But the price of shipping container is almost same. Used containers Jeddah ,20ft, 40 ft, storage container, Rabigh, Jubail, Riyadh, container price Saudi, used container sale Dammam container supplier reefer.

Used container for sale in Dammam, RIyadh , Rabigh, Jubail, Jizan

Although many people regard India as a third world country, Saudi Arabia  also has its own products and services (import and export). Any time any country conducts any type of manufacturing process, special containers are needed to not only store these goods, but also can be used in process operations. For example, an on-site office may be needed temporarily during the construction of the building in Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail, Rabigh, Jizan. In the construction phase of the project, special containers of suitable size can be used to replace expensive special containers built on site to provide services for on-site offices. Of course, there are many other types of specialized containers, including those that are constructed block by block for use as warehouses or storage facilities as a shipping container supplier in Dammam,Used containers Jeddah ,20ft, 40 ft, storage container, Rabigh, Jubail, Riyadh, container price Saudi, used container sale Dammam container supplier reefer

Those who think that Saudi Arabia does not need special containers, because India does not export many of its products, like shipping container and therefore needs to shop at an international store at some point. All over the world, you can go to food and clothing stores to find Saudi food, clothes and home decorations. The difference is that many of these items are industrial producers.

However, these products can. Leaving the country is part of their economic contribution to the rest of the world and their people. Like other parts of the world, there are some places in India where you can live comfortably, while others have a somewhat poor population.In India, choosing a supplier of storage containers is critical. Because their economy depends on the export of goods, especially handmade products, it is important for companies to contact high-quality professional container suppliers. One of the shipping container  companies in Jeddah Saudi Arabia that meets these qualifications is Buzyb Container, and its reputation is self-evident. It’s important to understand the quality of the company you choose so that you don’t have to worry about whether your dedicated container can meet all your needs and whether you can rely on the company’s representatives to provide accurate information about what. Their used shipping container products,like 20ft, 40ft container opentop and reefer refrigerated container can help you make the right choice. These are all important issues that the company needs to solve before choosing a container company.

High security password box Easy access ISO cargo door for easy loading The cargo door on the right is larger in size, and you can easily load various sizes of cargo by opening a single door panel Innovative non-slip rubber grip design, enhanced long handle with super long strength The ladder on the front wall and the handle on the roof can be used for climbing, which makes inspection, cleaning and maintenance easier The position of large and small door panels can be switched according to customer requirements Bamboo flooring provides extra protection. Used containers Jeddah ,20ft, 40 ft, storage container, Rabigh, Jubail, Riyadh, container price Saudi, used container sale Dammam container supplier reefer.



للبيع حاويات كونتينر 40 قدم ( HQهاي كيوب) و20 قدم  مستعمل للبيع في جدة

قفل الحاويات,

20 قدم حاوية جافة

حاويات 20 قدم هي حجم قياسي الصناعة ، بسبب هذا ، وغالبا ما تكون الخيار الأكثر فعالية من حيث التكلفة عند البحث عن حاوية مستعملة. الرياح مضمونة وماء ، لدينا حاويات الشحن المستعملة هي عادة 10-15 سنوات من تاريخ التصنيع ، الأبواب المزدوجة ستكون تعمل بشكل كامل والأختام الباب سليمة تماما لمنع أي دخول المياه. الأرضيات شكلت من الخشب الصلب 27mm.

وصف المنتج

1.تطبيق: 20ft 40ft الحاويات تستخدم أساسا لنقل الغرض العام مثل النقل البحري والنقل البري.

2.حاويات الشحن الفئة: 20ft غب الحاويات ، 20ft هك الحاويات ، 40 غب الحاويات ، 40hc الحاويات وهلم جرا.

3.المواد: لوحة ، آخر والسكك الحديدية (corten-a) ، صب الزاوية (scw490) ، الخشب الرقائقي (أبيتونغ) ، جيسكيت (إبدم) إلخ.

4.شهادة الجودة: Bv ، gl ، abs ، مع لوحة csc

5.الحد الأدنى لكمية: 1 قطعة






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used containers jeddah

used container for sale in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Following used container for sale in Saudi Arabia from US$ 350/- To US$ 1250

3 container 20`, and 1x40ft with valid CSC plate except white color)






Spec Length* Width* Heigh* Door Width Door Height Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Standard 20' 19' 4" 7' 8" 7' 10" 7' 8" 7' 6" 1,172 Cft 4,916 Lbs 47,900 Lbs
5.900 m 2.350 m 2.393 m 2.342 m 2.280 m 33.2 m3 2,230 Kgs 21,770 Kgs
Standard 40' 39' 5" 7' 8" 7' 10" 7' 8" 7' 6" 2,390 Cft 8,160 Lbs 59,040 Lbs
12.036 m 2.350 m 2.392 m 2.340 m 2.280 m 67.7 m3 3,700 Kgs


Spec Length* Width* Heigh* Door Width Door Height Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Open Top 20' 19' 4" 7' 7" 7' 8" 7' 6" 7' 2" 1,136 Cft 5,280 Lbs 47,620 Lbs
5.894 m 2.311 m 2.354 m 2.286 m 2.184 m 32.23 Cu.m 2,400 Kgs 21,600 Kgs
Open Top 40' 39' 5" 7' 8" 7' 8" 7' 8" 7' 5" 2,350 Cft 8,490 Lbs 58,710 Lbs
12.028 m 2.350 m 2.345 m 2.341 m 2.274 m 66.5 Cu.m 3,850 Kgs


Spec Length* Width* Heigh* Door Width Door Height Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Reefer 20' 17' 8" 7' 5" 7' 5" 7' 5" 7' 3 " 1,000 Cft 7,040 Lbs 45,760 Lbs
5.425 m 2.275 m 2.260 m 2.258 m 2.216 m 28.3 Cu.m 3,200 Kgs 20,800 Kgs
Reefer 40' 37' 8" 7' 5 " 7' 2 " 7' 5 " 7' 0 " 2,040 Cft 10,780 Lbs 56,276 Lbs
11.493 m 2.270 m 2.197 m 2.282 m 2.155 m 57.8 Cu.m 4,900 Kgs 25,580 Kgs
Reefer 40' High Cube 37' 11" 7' 6" 8' 2" 7' 6" 8' 0" 2,344 Cft 9,900 Lbs 57,561 Lbs
11,557 m 2.294 m 2.500 m 2.294 m 2.440 m 66.6 Cu.m 4,500 Kgs 25,980 Kgs


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