Shipping containers sale Saudi Arabia

Shipping containers sale Saudi Arabia – Used containers Dammam

Shipping containers sale Saudi Arabia | lk   

Shipping containers sale Saudi Arabia - Used containers Dammam

Used container for sale Saudi Arabia, and in all major cities including Jeddah , Riyadh, Dammam, has been our one of the major tasks. On demand from our beloved customers, providing storage containers for hire and Sales . We have built an extensive network of agents and depots, and can provide storage container hire countrywide. We have a large selection of storage containers for sale and hire. Used containers jeddah , Dammam, Riyadh, container price Saudi, اسعار الحاويات المستعملة. Buy container jeddah from us. Also we do provide shipping container seals in Jeddah Dammam and RIyadh. Bolt seal, cable seal, and plastic seals. Shipping containers sale Saudi Arabia, used containers sale Dammam, Jeddah. office, home, porta cabin, storage second hand reefer. ISO, open top.

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Buy container Jeddah from us, because we sale good quality used container for sale in Jeddah.


للبيع حاويات كونتينر 40 قدم ( HQهاي كيوب) و20 قدم  مستعمل للبيع في جدة






Used refrigerated containers for sale in Saudi Arabia.


Containers of used computers.


Container of used clothes.


40ft used cargo containers.


Used 20ft containers at Jeddah port.


Used freezer container in Dammam.


Used insulated container.


Used shipping container.


Used 40ft containers for sale in Jeddah.


20ft shipping container homes for sale used.


Used 40 high cube container for sale.


Used iso tank container in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


Used refrigerator container.


Used freezer container.


Used reefer container for sale.


40ft used empty container.


Used container for sale in Dubai.


Purchasing shipping containers.

Used open top container for sale in Jeddah.


Storage solution in Jeddah.


Jeddah port storage charges.


Storage facilities in Jeddah.

used containers jeddah

used container for sale in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Following used container for sale in Saudi Arabia from US$ 350/- To US$ 1250

3 container 20`, and 1x40ft with valid CSC plate except white color)






Spec Length* Width* Heigh* Door Width Door Height Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Standard 20' 19' 4" 7' 8" 7' 10" 7' 8" 7' 6" 1,172 Cft 4,916 Lbs 47,900 Lbs
5.900 m 2.350 m 2.393 m 2.342 m 2.280 m 33.2 m3 2,230 Kgs 21,770 Kgs
Standard 40' 39' 5" 7' 8" 7' 10" 7' 8" 7' 6" 2,390 Cft 8,160 Lbs 59,040 Lbs
12.036 m 2.350 m 2.392 m 2.340 m 2.280 m 67.7 m3 3,700 Kgs  


Spec Length* Width* Heigh* Door Width Door Height Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Open Top 20' 19' 4" 7' 7" 7' 8" 7' 6" 7' 2" 1,136 Cft 5,280 Lbs 47,620 Lbs
5.894 m 2.311 m 2.354 m 2.286 m 2.184 m 32.23 Cu.m 2,400 Kgs 21,600 Kgs
Open Top 40' 39' 5" 7' 8" 7' 8" 7' 8" 7' 5" 2,350 Cft 8,490 Lbs 58,710 Lbs
12.028 m 2.350 m 2.345 m 2.341 m 2.274 m 66.5 Cu.m 3,850 Kgs  


Spec Length* Width* Heigh* Door Width Door Height Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Reefer 20' 17' 8" 7' 5" 7' 5" 7' 5" 7' 3 " 1,000 Cft 7,040 Lbs 45,760 Lbs
5.425 m 2.275 m 2.260 m 2.258 m 2.216 m 28.3 Cu.m 3,200 Kgs 20,800 Kgs
Reefer 40' 37' 8" 7' 5 " 7' 2 " 7' 5 " 7' 0 " 2,040 Cft 10,780 Lbs 56,276 Lbs
11.493 m 2.270 m 2.197 m 2.282 m 2.155 m 57.8 Cu.m 4,900 Kgs 25,580 Kgs
Reefer 40' High Cube 37' 11" 7' 6" 8' 2" 7' 6" 8' 0" 2,344 Cft 9,900 Lbs 57,561 Lbs
11,557 m 2.294 m 2.500 m 2.294 m 2.440 m 66.6 Cu.m 4,500 Kgs 25,980 Kgs


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,كونتينر للبيع بالدمام

كونتينر للبيع بالرياض

كونتينرات مستعملة للبيع,

كونتينرات للبيع في الرياض,

كونتينر للبيع الكويت,

كونتينر للبيع مصر,

اسعار كونتينر مستعمل,



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Packers movers  Saudi Arabia

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Packers movers saudi arabia for International moving services with loading services house hold and commercial offices. From shifting to fixing. Because we are best movers and packers Jeddah

We are very few of the best cargo companies for moving packing relocation internationally in Saudi Arabia.
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SMOOTH MOVING SERVICE: Our personnel use premium quality packaging materials like wrapping paper, carton, wooden boxes, etc., to maintain the safety of your goods. After making survey of your stuff, we carryout packing of the cargo.
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We are the movers and packers and cargo movers Jeddah from move your shipments from east west to north south, by sea, land, air even by camel, to four corners of wind shield of globe.

Packing material used by Buzyb Shipping

The main packaging materials include corrugated boxes in Jeddah ( different kind of crockery, for books etc.), corrugated rolls, bubble sheets, tissue papers,  thermocol sheet, corners made by corrugated, crates/case, etc. to protect your precious items from any external or internal harm even during transportation. We use packing materials depending upon the type of item to be packed. Some of the detail is as under:

Packing of fragile items. If it is a fragile item, the team packs the articles using multiple-layer protective packing along with bubble sheet to be packed safely In strong corrugated box.

LED corrugated boxes for packing our customers’ Plazma, LCDs ,or LEDs. it was found by research that cause of defect lies in the wrong and damaging packing style done by Packers and movers in Jeddah Saudi Arabia particularly. This do not require any usage of hammer or any other fixing equipment that causes harm to your precious unit. While we all your delicate articles are packed with complete safety and care.

Carpet layer on flooring On international journey, there could be jerk. This is another safety measure we apply. We spread the sponge carpet, highly shock absorbent, over the container floor protecting the goods from getting damaged because of the jerks and hard flooring.

V-cut or T corners) We use extraordinary packaging material i.e. T-corners (V-cut) to protect the corners of household furnishings such as office table, study table, foyer table, dining table and many more from getting damaged or broken.

Use of Safety rope / belts We use safety ropes or belts in the container for fixing the heavy items and goods that require support with the walls of container properly. These belts and ropes protect the items from coming in Impinge with each other.

Fabric/ hard polythene Sheets - The packing material / sheets which are designed for packing furniture, sofa sets, which protects them from scratches and damages. These are very easy to handle and can get molded according to the size and shape of sofa and other furniture items.

Very reasonable charges We always continue re-structuring our shifting process and transportation technique so that to provide affordable services to our customers. We always try to provide high quality services at reasonable rates which makes us a budget.

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