Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia

cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia

Shipping to Saudi Arabia. Buzyb shipping provide best and cheap sea cargo services Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh to world wide. We do offer shared container services for certain destination. Door to door cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia from Malaysia,Turkey, China. shipping container from USA to Saudi Arabia.


We offer services to many global sea ports of of USA, Canada, Australia, Middle east, AFRICA, ASIA, North Europe, East Europe, South America to cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia.


Shipping to Saudi Arabia






Syedney Melobourne Perth Aelide


London Felixstowe TORONTO Dublin
Lehavre Paris Genva Livorno
Barcelona Geneva Valencia Stokhalm
Hamburg Frenkfurt Munich Istanbul


Casablanca Tunis Teema Duala
Capetown Mumbassa Durban Johansiburg

Cheap and best sea freight Jeddah

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Cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia

We provide best and cheap sea freight to Jeddah port. one of the best freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia. We organize shipments internationally. We are also well-known logistics companies in Jeddah Sea Freight China to Saudi Arabia. For freight quote kindly contact us. We offer best and cheap sea freight Jeddah , from jeddah freight forwarders ie. Buzyb Shipping. Jeddah cargo services. We offer door to door cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia from Malaysia,Turkey, China. shipping container from USA to Saudi Arabia.

We are best freight forwarders in Jeddah,  freight forwarders Jeddah , international freight forwarders Jeddah. freight forwarders in Jeddah from sea to sky. We are one of the best logistics companies in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  As a best cargo Jeddah, we offer good rates. 

Air sea shipping from USA Shipping to Saudi Arabia, shipping to Saudi from Canada, shipping from Saudi to Australia, Shipping from Saudi to South Africa, Shipping from Saudi to China, Shipping from Saudi to Europe, Shipping from Saudi to Germany, Shipping from Saudi to France, Shipping from Saudi to Pakistan, Shipping from Saudi to Dubai, Shipping from Saudi  to Malaysia, Shipping from Russia, Shipping from Saudi to Turkey, Shipping from Saudi to Germany.

Our ocean services include

Door-to-Door Container ocean freight Quotes to/from United State. In search of transparent shipping ocean freight prices to/from the US? ... we are your one-stop solution for instant and reliable quotes on overseas door-to-door ocean freight shipping to the United States.

Cargo shipping Turkey to Saudi Arabia

Best Container and Freight rates to all ports in Turkey from and to UK. Shipping to Ataturk Istanbul, Antalya, port of Ostanbul or Istanbul to Jeddah especially furniture shipmentsand Edirne. Groupage and full truck. Turkish Cargo included Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO), known as the most important airport in Russia in terms of cargo activities, to its direct cargo flight.

jeddah shipping company

As a best logistics company in Jeddah, offer very reasonable container charges from Jeddah to Dubai. 20ft/40ft shipping container freight rate. Hanging garment container freight. Best refrigerated container freight. Shipping from port of Jeddah to USA. Shipping from Jeddah to Toronto, Canada. Shipping from Jeddah to Beirut. Also Lcl shipping japan. Dubai to Jeddah logistics. Shipping to Saudi Arabia from UK. Cheap ocean freight to Australia. Ocean freight from Jeddah to UK. Ocean freight from Jeddah to USA seaports. Ocean freight from Jeddah to German seaport. Ocean freight container tracking Jeddah. Also good rates for shipping container from usa to Saudi Arabia.

Cargo shipping from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia

Malaysia. Your global and local specialists in air, sea, and road freight services, project transport, logistics solutions, and customs clearance.Cargo to Malaysia – We are Freight Shipping does Cargo Services to Malaysia, Air Freight to Malaysia, Sea Freight to Malaysia, Shipping to Malaysia, Air Shipping to Malaysia, Sea Shipping to Malaysia, Personal Effects to Malaysia, Air Cargo Service to Malaysia, Sea Cargo Service to Malaysia, Ocean Freight to Malaysia, Malaysian Cargo in Dubai, door to door cargo Service to Malaysia, door to door moving to Malaysia, Groupage Shipping to Malaysia, Moving to Malaysia, Shipping to Malaysia, Cargo from Dubai to Malaysia.

Cargo shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

We offer reliable export container shipping services from China to Saudi Arabia. Direct, fast transit & low cost shipping. Customs clearance formalities taken care of experts in utilizing the cheapest and fastest transport solutions for shipping from China to Saudi by sea or air freight. We will help you along this.

LCL container shipping, lcl in shipping.

DDU shipment by sea to / from Jeddah, and DDU/ DDP Shipment by air to / from Jeddah. are performed by professionally. Competitive international ddp shipping. DDU 装运吉达.

Following services are offered in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Cargo arrival notification to the customer.

Customs clearance Jeddah with professional handling.

Shipping line delivery orders obtaining.

Any kind of truck trailer available up to heavy transport in Jeddah.

Free shipment handling on FCA terms in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Door to door cargo shipping to Saudi

About door to door cargo shipping to Saudi, we have certain origin from where we offer better rates and services. specially by sea shipping Jeddah Saudi Arabia from internationally well known export hub like from Malaysia,Turkey, China., also known as ocean freight, is one of the longest established forms of transporting goods globally. It's also one of the most economical. While air freight is favored for time-sensitive shipments, sea freight is still the first choice for many businesses and individuals looking for a cost-effective solutions.cargo prices

Small businesses and individual customers may not typically consider sea shipping from Saudi Arabia freight as a viable option, as it tends to be associated with larger companies exporting high volumes of commercial cargo. But sea freight services can also be a great option for transporting personal effects.

With our LCL (part container load) service, you don’t need to have enough cargo to fill a whole container in order to get a good shipping rate. But if you do, we also offer FCL (full container load) shipments. shipping company Saudi

Why not find out how much you could save by filling in the quote form above? Getting a quote is free.

Best Jeddah freight forwarders

We have good relationship with carriers from all our locations. and visibility in shipping control for solutions on best product customization by offering shipping rates from china to Saudi seaports.
Our shipping charges are very nominal.

Best sea Shipping from best Saudi Arabia ddah freight forwarder, sea freight rates, cargo Jeddah, USA, China freight forwarder, and cheap sea freight rates KSA.

Door to door cargo shipping


Contracted sea freight (LCL & FCL)with TOP  5 ship companies to door service.

Steady air freight from Top 10 air companies to door service .

Buyer's consolidation (7 days storage free for our warehouse)

Pack and repack service

 Quality control

Door to door delivery service (one station just order the goods

 and wait the goods in your home ,that is fine)

Marine insurance

Documentation service (Fumigation,Certification of original)

Drop shipping Jeddah to protect your business secret.

local International  shipping company operator office in all the main cities in China

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Sea cargo Jeddah charges for FCL container and LCL cargo | Contact us

There are many shipping options from Saudi Arabia, like, air and sea freight from Jeddah to Dubai.

Sea freight from Jeddah Saudi Arabia to Houston.

Sea freight Dubai to Jeddah.

Sea freight Jeddah to New York  USA.

Sea freigh from Jeddah to Baltimore,, USA.

Sea freight from Jeddah to los angeles, USA.

Sea freight from Jeddah to Toronto, Canada.

Sea freight from Jeddah to Vancouver , Montreal, Canada.

Sea freight from Jeddah to London, Manchester,  UK.

Sea freight from Jeddah to Singapore.

Shipping to Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Shipping from Jeddah to Riyadh.

Shipping from Chicago to Jeddah.

Shipping from Jeddah to Toronto.

Shipping from Jeddah to Beirut.

Shipping from Jeddah to Singapore.

Shipping from Jeddah to Istanbul Turkey.

Shipping from Jeddah to Dubai.

Shipping fee from Philippines to Jeddah.

Shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia.

Shipping from Jeddah to uk.

Sea cargo from Jeddah to USA.

Shipping from Jeddah to Tunis

Shipping lines to Jeddah Valencia, Genoa.

Shipping container to Jeddah.

cargo dari jeddah ke Indonesia Jakarta.

Shipping from Guangzhou to Jeddah.

Shipping time from Italy to Jeddah.

Shipping service from Jeddah to Casablanca .

Jeddah shipping lines

Air sea shipping from Saudi to USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, China, Europe, Germany, France, Pakistan, Dubai, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Germany.

Sea freight jeddah


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Car shipping Saudi

Car shipping Saudi - Exporting car from Saudi- Car transport companycar shipping jeddah


The best service for car shipping Jeddah Saudi Arabia to the following  destinations.

Service of car shipping Saudi at cheap cost International auto vehicle shipping services. Car shipping to UK, export to USA, Nigeria, France, Europe.

Looking for Car or Motorcycle transportation service in Jeddah? Contact Us! We specialize in the transport of cars and motorcycles across the UK and Europe.

The economy of the vast and resource-rich continent of Africa has seen an explosion of growth during the past decade. There are thousands of expatriates originating from Nigeria, Ghana, Libya, Algeria, Mauritius, Morocco, Sudan, South Africa and Tunisia in KSA. we served hundreds of expatriates over the past 5 years, providing secure and timely car and household shipping services to key destinations in Africa and Europe

Ship your cars, motorcycles, boats, yacht or personal effects to over 35 countries, i. We provide sea freight and air freight services for automobile shipment and the transportation of personal effects. Shipping by sea could take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks and is suitable for bulky or large cargo. Sea freight is a relatively green and cost-effective shipping options.

We do all the hard work, all our customers do is pay. Customs clearance, insurance paperwork, loading and unloading are taken care by us. We handle every aspect of the shipment, and we work with an expansive network of shipping companies and clearance agents across 35 countries in Africa to car shipping Saudi.

Car Shipping from or to Jeddah | Africa | Europe | Asia | USA | Australia

Ro–Ro ships are larger car carriers with no passenger accommodation. This a cost effective method of shipping your car. For cars being shipped with personal effects, shipping by sea container is the most appropriate method. Specialist and high value cars can be sent by airfreight.

Dependent on your destination we can arrange car shipments via the following ports: Jeddah Rabigh, Dammam.

We take care of all the shipping documentation and the necessary export customs formalities. Once your car has departed on the vessel you will be sent the shipping documents and Bill of Lading also advising you of the expected arrival date at the port of importation. On arrival the vehicle will need to be cleared through customs and you must pay the clearing agent for the local duties, taxes and any other charges from the shipping line related to vehicle handling.


This is the common preferred method for shipping high value vehicles and classic cars.  Alternatively we can arrange to deliver the container to your home and the container delivery vehicle will unload the container to ground levels to enable the loading of the cars. Whichever method you choose our loading team will be ‘chock-off’ and securely strapping your vehicle into position to ensure safe passage whilst on its journey. Any remaining space.

This is very cost effective way to ship your car to destination ports shown below. Ro-Ro ships are designed solely to carry cars. motorbikes, buses, trucks, tanks and in fact anything on wheels! All vehicles are very secured in the ship and completely safe. As common rule all vehicles must be if full working order and able to be driven by the loading team.


We are industry leaders when it comes to the shipment of vehicles by air. Destinations have included GCC, Europe, CANADA, AFRICA and AUSTRALIA. Cars are often shipped by air to save time and returned to the KSA by sea for cost saving reasons. Whatever your needs are we, can help and guide you through the entire process.

Air freight of cars is fast, safe and secure and can also be very cost effective in certain circumstances for highly valuable vehicles.

Shipping a motorcycle by air (depending on the destinations) can often be cost effective particularly if you intend to tour with your bike and receive your bike before returning to the KSA. If you have a fixed date in planning, it is useful to keep in mind that the ships can and do get delayed and diverted whereas with air cargo services there will always be another flight soon!

Car shipping to Africa

Even ship your automobile, trailer, or motorcycles to the African countries with ease. We have successfully shipped hundreds of motor vehicles to  Nigeria. Africa has become a dynamic hub for used/new personal and commercial car shipments. We provide safe shipping services with high-quality lashing materials and world-class loading and unloading practices. We also provide RORO for cost-effective shipping and air freight solutions for expedited shipment Car shipping Saudi.

Classic car transport

As we have the knowledge and expertise to move your classic or vintage cars, both safely and securely. We offer a bespoke service which is tailored to your specific requirements and schedule.

We have following expertise in exporting and shipping cars:


Car shipping Saudi Arabia.
Car shipping from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan.
Car shipping from Saudi Arabia to Philippines.
Car shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada.
Car shipping companies in Saudi Arabia.
Shipping car from Saudi to Dubai.
Shipping car from Saudi Arabia to UK.
Shipping car from Saudi Arabia to UAE.
Vehicle shipping to Saudi Arabia
Auto shipping to Saudi Arabia
Shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to USA
Shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to Canada
Shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to UK
Shipping car to Saudi Arabia cost
Shipping car from Saudi to Canada
Car shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia.
Car shipping from Saudi Arabia.
Car shipping from Germany to Saudi Arabia.
International car shipping to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore.
Shipping car from saudi arabia to Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa.
Car shipping from saudi to Philippines.
Shipping car from saudi to UK.
Shipping car from saudi to UAE.
Car shipping from Saudi Arabia to USA.

How to cost of Shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to USA is not a difficult question, it can be done in a reasonable charges  for a used car.

However, for your information we can also send to Canada, UK, Lebanon. Car shipping Jeddah is now very easy. We will explain how it can be done in a easy manner. There are two main ways to ship a car from Saudi to the USA via a containerized service or roll-on roll-off.  will explain the benefits of both and the service options. You can ship cars two ways with a container; or by a RORO vessel. But first will explain the procedure from Saudi .

Following document are required.

What document are required in Saudi Arabia

1-De-registeration from traffic police. (Easy to get from any traffic administration office, they will issue temporary number plate.)

2-Vikala from justice department (also easy to get, it take 20-30 minutes from the govt department).

(On behalf of you, we can also provide services of DE-registration from traffic department and assist to have Vikala)

3-Copies of Istemara, Iqama, Passport are required.

exporting car from saudi arabia

Kindly advise your


Documentation to import your motor vehicle.

  1. Iqama copy.

  2. De registration from traffic department (or we can also serve to get these papers)

  3. Bill of Lading (we will provide at the time of shipment)

  4. Passport copy.

Shipping a car from saudi arabia to usa. exporting car from saudi arabia.

car shipping jeddahImporting a Vehicle into the United States

There are two main ways to ship a car from the Saudi to the USA: via a containerized service or roll-on roll-off.  will explain the benefits of both and the service options. You can ship cars two ways with a container; or by a RORO vessel.

Importing a vehicle into the United States can be a daunting process and it must be handled the right way from start to finish if you want to have your car accepted when it’s time to cross the U.S. border. Vehicles that are imported must comply with regulations set by numerous organizations as well as the safety standards set by the Motor Vehicle Safety act of 1966 as well as the Clean Air Act of 1968 and other standards to ensure that all vehicles entering the country is safe, reliable and up to par with those manufactured within the US.

 Preparing a Motor Vehicle for Import

As a vehicle owner that wants to have their car, truck or other mode of transportation imported into the United States, you will need to take care of several things in advance to make sure the vehicle is ready for import.

Cleaning your Vehicle Exterior

All motor vehicles must be thoroughly cleaned prior to shipment from another country. This includes the undercarriage. While many believe this is to ensure dirt does not damage other vehicles on the shipment, it is due to safeguards being in place to prevent dangerous pests from entering the United States.

Cleaning the Vehicle Interior

The exterior is an important factor in importing a vehicle, but equally important is the interior of the car. All personal content needs to be removed before the car is shipped. This is for the safety of the vehicle owner as well as the safety of shipping personnel and other motor vehicles on the shipment.

During shipment voyage, your motor vehicle will be susceptible to thieves that may be present on the loading or unloading dock as well as people who may be present while the vehicle is in transit to the US. It is best to have the car emptied of all personal content to deter potential break-ins that will damage the vehicle as well as cause a loss of valuables to the owner.

Paperwork Necessary for Import.

You must have the following documentation to import your motor vehicle:

  • Bill of Lading

  • Bill of Sale

  • Registration from country of origin

  • Proof of ownership

Duty Rates for U.S. Entry

All motor vehicles entering the United States for import are subject to duty fees. Canadian motor vehicles are duty-free unless CBP states otherwise.

The rates are generally listed at the following percentages:

  • Automobiles: 2. 5% (two point five percent)

  • Large Trucks: 25%  (twenty five percent)

  • Motorcycles: Possibility of no dutiable fees or will have duties up to 2. 4% (two point four)

U.S. residents that are returning to the United States from travel, study abroad or working abroad are eligible for CBP duty exemption and can receive a credit up to $800 that can be applied to duty fees if the import meets the following criteria:

  • The vehicle is imported only for personal use

  • The vehicle accompanies the owner on their return to the U.S.

  • The vehicle was purchased/acquired from the country the owner is returning to the U.S. from

Once the exemption is applied, a flat duty rate of only 3% will be applied for the following $1000 of motor vehicle value while the remainder will be dutiable at the normal duty rate. shipping a car from saudi arabia to usa

Please find following official website for more authentic information

Cost of shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to usa. Exporting car from Jeddah to USA, Dubai, UAE, Europe, Oman. Best cargo services in Jeddah.


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