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We are your reliable partner in the supply of provisions and stores to catering companies, and offshore industry and ships of every kinds. We have a  staffed by highly trained individuals with expert knowledge of the local markets, providing supplies to all types of vessels and offshore locations of Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

As a ship provision and chandler, we offer a wide range of  store of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to cater to the diverse preferences and need while remaining fully compliant with the high demand of today's food supply chains and international food safety standards.


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ship chandler (or ship's chandler) is a retail dealer who specialized in supplies or equipment for vessels, known as ship's stores. We are a leading Ship Chandler in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, supplying Fresh and Frozen Provisions, dried & canned foods, beverages, dairy products. We also supplies a wide range of stores and equipment to the vessels and its crew, including cabin, deck, engine, electrical and safety stores, charts, publications, general consumables and tools.

General Deck Items & Handling Equipment available in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

  • Ropes & Hawsers.
  • Bars, Screw & Nuts, Pipes.
  • Tubes & Fitting.
  • Metal Sheets.
  • Valves & Cocks, Bearing.
  • Hose & Couplings.
  • Nautical Equipment.
  • Petroleum Product.
  • Marine Paint & Painting Equipment
  • Measuring Apparatus.
  • Safety and Life Saving Equipment & Accessories.

Besides, as a ship chandler and ship provisions supplier,  we offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to meet the expectation of quality for cargoes. We source our product from all over the world adding a touch of freshness from Saudi products and international as well. Our awareness of all standard, strict hygiene rules at all levels throughout the supply chain will be implemented at every steps. The frozen product are loaded from our conveniently located warehouse' cold rooms and delivered directly to the vessels at Jeddah, Dammam, Rabigh, sea ports.

Group of Products:

Fresh & Chilled
• Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
• Fresh Local Meat, Poultry, Seafood and fishes
• Dairy Products, Cheese and Eggs
• Pastries, Sweets and Desserts

Frozen products

• Beef, Pork, Mutton Meat Cuts & Preserves
• Frozen Fruits and vegetables
• Ice Creams, Cakes and pastries

Dry products

• Condiments, Sauces & Spices
• Rice, Flour, Grains and Pulses and many more.
• Dried Fruits and nice Nuts.
• Milk and Milk Product.
• Canned Meat, Fish, Fruits &Vegetables.
• Oils and Fats etc.

Asian & Specialties

Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Pakistani and Others , covering a wide range spices, vegetarian, sweets, and preserves from the world cuisine

Beverages & Bonded Stores

• Juices, Soft Drinks.
• Assortment of Chocolates, Biscuits, Nuts and Chips.
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