Prohibited imports Saudi Arabia|Saudi Arabia banned imports

1. Swine and its meat, fat, hair, blood and offal, and all that is extracted from it.
2. Dogs; except dogs for hunting, guarding or for guiding the blind with certificates from the competent authorities in the exporting country authenticated by the Saudi embassy indicating that the dog to be entered is a dog for guarding, hunting or for guiding the blind. In addition, it shall be presented to the veterinary quarantine.
3. Frog meat.
4. Narcotic drugs of all kinds, forms and names in addition to the snuff, tumbak and cola nut (Cola acuminate) “Goro”.
5. All foodstuffs made of animal blood.
6. Wines and intoxicants of all kinds including what contains alcoholic substances at any intoxicating ratio, as well as wine distillation appliances and materials which are not used except in its distillation.
7. The Holy Quran in commercial quantities.
8. Blank invoices addressed in the name of foreign companies abroad.
9. Advertising materials for cigarettes of all kinds.
10. The cross or any commodity with pictures, inscriptions, drawings, recitations or phrases including books, prospectuses and other publications, films and tapes which are contrary to the Islamic faith and morals or the publications regulation.
11. Empty pickings coming from abroad for the purpose of their refilling domestically with origin indication affixed on them.
12. Dummies which are not in compliance with the Sharia provisions and general morals and imported for sale in commercial quantities.
13. Tools, machines and devices for gambling of all kinds.
14. Used and retreaded tires.
15. Christmas trees.
16. Weapons and military equipment of all kinds and parts and ammunitions thereof exclusive of those for competent government sectors.
17. Night vision binoculars, binocular night vision cameras and telescopic sights for fitting to arms.
18. Explosive and radioactive substances, firecrackers, gunpowder salt of all kinds and potassium chlorates except with an official permit.
19. Fireworks of all kinds.
20. Medicaments not bearing a label or accompanied by a leaflet showing their composition and quantity of each component according to the regulation for practicing the profession of pharmacology and trade in medicines and medical preparations.
21. Goods on which drawn the government emblem in the form of two crossed swords with a palm tree with long stem and leaves in the space above and between the blades properly represented.
22. Nutmeg fruit; seeds and powder thereof. Permission to import it is confined to its powder mixed with other spices within the limits of permissible ratio which does not exceed 20%.
23. Bonds and coupons for sacrificial animals (Adahiy and Hady), ransom (Fidyah) and charity (Sadaqah).
24. Cameras which strip the body of dresses in a naked form.
25. Massage devices presented in a manner violating morals.
26. Small cars and motorcycles for children which their height from their wheel axis does not exceed 50 cm, and equipped with petrol, gas or any combustible substance-powered engine as well as battery-powered if its speed exceeds 10 km/hour.
27. Unlocking devices used in opening doors and cars.
28. Annoying horns.
29. Disguise masks.
30. Empty bags imported separately bearing marks or data about foodstuffs or cement or their companies’ trademarks. What is imported for domestic companies is excluded.
31. Transparent women’ cloaks even if is for personal use.
32. Special forms of knives designed for aggressive purposes such as being with two blades or with handle.
33. Entertainment devices which contain hysterical laughter.
34. Sodium carbonates (soda ash).
35. Pens in syringe form.
36. Goods bearing flags of foreign countries in a big prominent form.
37. Preparations which cause irritation to the organs of the body.
38. Specimen of Prophet Mohammed’s (peace be upon him) stamp.
39. Goods bearing names and pictures of celebrities.
40. Wild animal hides.
41. Wireless video transmitters (video booster).
42. Videophones.
43. Suitcases containing radio, cassette recorder and alarm devices.
44. Greeting cards containing a small musical device that runs automatically upon moving the card.
45. Vehicle antennas similar to antennas of policemen’ cars and wireless televisions.
46. Counterfeit money.
47. Potassium bromate which is used as a maturing agent in baking bread.
48. Vehicles with two exhaust pipes, 450 Horse Power and ordinary transmission.
49. Devices fixed behind the driver to alert him in case he sleeps.
50. Eagle emblem.
51. Devices which change the voice.
52. Laser spectacles with perforations.
53. Illuminated footwear in which mercury is used.
54. Games in the form of human hand which some drivers display prominently in their vehicles.
55. Electronic mihrab.
56. Kaaba Musharafa model.
57. Six-pointed star.
58. Old newspapers.
59. Vehicles with steering wheel on the right side.
60. Antique guns.
61. Laser pens.

Prohibited imports Saudi Arabia|Saudi Arabia banned imports

Restricted import Saudi Arabia

    1. The following substances are subject to examination by the agricultural and veterinary quarantine at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water according to the Council of Ministers’ resolution No. 50 dated 17/10/1989:

(A) Animal Products and Consignments

      1. Edible live animals of all kinds.
      2. Wild predatory live animals.
      3. Ornamental birds of all kinds.
      4. Live poultry, rabbits and chicks of all kinds.
      5. Ornamental fish of all kinds.
      6. Eggs for hatching.
      7. Semen.
      8. Veterinary vaccines.
      9. Veterinary medicaments (the veterinary medicaments shall be released by the competent committee formed for this purpose by the Ministry of Health according to the Royal Decree No. M/18 on 26/02/1978 and its implementation rules. The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water participates in this committee membership.
      10. Animal feed concentrates and vitamins and mineral salts thereof; their analysis and examination shall include hormones if any.
      11. Hides, skins, hair, fur skins and wool of animal origin not subject to any processing.

(B) Agricultural Consignments:

    1. Palm parcels.
    2. Saplings.
    3. Ornamental plants.
    4. Fresh fruits, vegetables and dates.
    5. Seeds.
    6. Cereals and substances used as animal feed such as barley, corn, millet, soya bean, hay, Rhodes grass and oilcake of all kinds.
    7. Organic fertilizers and peat moss.
    8. All agricultural pesticides and chemical fertilizers; dry and liquid.
  1. All other products shall be released by the Ministry of Commerce represented in the Quality Control Laboratories such as foodstuffs (meat, fish, canned food, etc., iron, aluminum, etc.).
  2. All wild animals except with an approval by the Saudi Wildlife Authority as per a letter identifying their types, numbers and species.
  3. Edible eggs shall bear the seal of the producing country. But, eggs imported for hatching, a certificate from the agricultural quarantine shall be presented stating that it is imported for hatching.
  4. Wheat and flour except through the Grain Silos and Flour Mills organization.
  5. The conditions pertaining to tobacco and articles thereof shall be observed (such as the need to comply with the specifications and bear warning phrases, tar proportion, manufacturing date and the necessity to display warning pictures on the cigarette packets).
  6. Any type of medicament or medical preparation shall not be released for trading or for hospitals unless for whoever holds a license from the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA). The release requires producing an independent certificate or a note on the invoices by SFDA indicating expressly that the products meet the right conditions. The exemption of alcohol and radioactive isotopes from the customs duties provided for in chapters (22, 28) requires producing a certificate from SFDA proving that they are intended for medical purposes. The exemption of the medicaments provided in chapter (30) from the customs duties requires that the product shall be included in the heading and explanatory notes thereof and chapter (30) notes.
  7. Chemical substances of all kinds including explosives, firecrackers, gunpowder salt of all kinds and potassium chlorates shall not be released unless after obtaining a prior permission from the competent authority. Imports in the name of competent government agencies are excluded.
  8. All publications imported whether readable, audible, visual or handwritten shall not be released unless with an approval by the Ministry of Information.
  9. Importation of unused postage of current issue in the Kingdom shall be made by the competent government agency.
  10. For the importation of worn clothing provided in chapter (63), it is required to be accompanied by a disinfection certificate from abroad; otherwise it shall be presented to the quarantine.
  11. Distillation devices shall not be released unless by an approval by the Ministry of Health or any of its branches with regard to medical and scientific purposes. But those pertaining to companies of maintenance, technical services and general contracting shall be released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  12. Electrical appliances indicated in the lists reported to the Customs as well as the goods which their release requires their conformity with the standard specifications shall not be released unless after presenting this certificate for goods imported for trading purpose.
  13. Wireless devices of all kinds, whatever their range, shall require a prior permit except those imported for government agencies and corporations; they shall be released according to a letter from the competent minister specifying their types, quantities and the purpose of their importation.
  14. Hunting arms, white arms and firearms intended for firing live ammunition such as signal pistols and other arms such as air, gas or spring guns and pistols or others, as well as fireworks of all kinds, toy rifles to train the boys on target-shooting, pistols with disturbing noise and similar types used for hunting, industry, sporting and entertainment purposes require a prior approval by the competent authorities.
  15. Military ranks, clothing and insignia except with an approval by the competent authorities.
  16. Vehicles bearing plates or inscriptions indicating that they belong to a military security agency, except with an approval by the competent authorities.
  17. Detection devices for gold, jewelry and the like, except with an approval by the competent authorities.
  18. Detection devices for counterfeit currency except with approval by the competent authorities.
  19. Plastics signs resembling traffic signs which are mounted on vehicles, except with an approval by the competent authorities.
  20. Fire extinguishing powder containers and fire alarm devices.
  21. Siffty devices.
  22. Mail processing machines.
  23. Antiques.
  24. Horses.
  25. Vehicles ornament resembling military ranks.
  26. Clichés imported to national companies and establishments.
  27. Aircraft operated by remote control.
  28. Fishing boats.
  29. Machines and tools for manufacturing, repairing and copying keys, except with a license from the Public Security.
  30. Ozone depleting substances (Presidency of Meteorology and Environment).
  31. Endangered animals (Saudi Wildlife Authority).
  32. Television receiver cards (Ministry of Information).
  33. Gas cylinders shall be presented to the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization).

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