Dg cargo label Jeddah |Dangerous cargo sticker| IMCO Class

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Dear customers, for your dangerous cargo shipments, have complete range of different classes of DG cargo labels , stickers, placard available in Jeddah in any quantity.

dg cargo label

All kinds of DG cargo labels, stickers, placard of all classes available in Jeddah

Hazard Class Labels available in Jeddah.

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Mobile phone/ Whatsapp/ imo: +966-538277602

Custom Printed Shipping Name Labels available also in Jeddah.

Optional Handling Labels.

Hazardous Waste Labels.

Additional Hazard Communication Safety Labels.

Dangerous Goods Placards.


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Following are available:

  • IMDG labels size.

  • DG class labels.

  • DG hazard label of all classes.

  • DG shipping labels.

  • DG hadeling labels.

  • All classes of dangerous goods labels.